Piloting confident fleet choices for new and established partners

We know shrewd identification of aviation assets that best fit your business and operational needs is crucial for successful fleet management.


Selections affecting the aircraft and engine portfolio mix, maintenance options, financial structures and contract terms can have a significant bearing on operational costs and asset values: in use, residual and exit.


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Smart aviation fleet selection, financing and management for optimum asset value

We support global leasing companies, operators and investors to manage successful aviation portfolios and get the best from them. Our expertise attracts new entrants to the sector, confident we'll guide them through fleet mix choice and management best practice.


Unique asset and market intelligence via IBA Insight, our data intelligence platform, underpins the intuitive, evidence-based advice we share with clients. We unlock the complex global aviation market for our partners, smoothing the way to competent fleet structure and management choices and boosting asset value.


Aviation fleet selection involves multiple angles. Powered by intelligence and expertise, we'll understand your mission and know how best to help you. Financial metrics influence outcomes: price, operating costs, lease rates, aircraft and engine liquidity and potential revenue. Operational factors need weighing up: aircraft range, payload, reliability, fuel burn and speed vary significantly between assets and demand comparison and analysis.


Our teams can turbocharge your negotiating position. Insight's evidence-based visual analytics, intricate modelling and real-time global news will demonstrate a solution specific for your precise needs. Airlines' diverse business models, the ability to maintain aircraft in-house and OEM maintenance programs all influence asset portfolio options.


Successful fleet evaluation fuses and amalgamates:


  • Accurate data and assumptions

  • Expert, flexible modelling to capture and adjust various inputs

  • Quantitative and qualitative experience to confirm modelling results are replicable in real-world operations



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