Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports

Every trend for every commercial aircraft

IBA's Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports blend our unbiased, independently verified IBA Insight data with IBA's expert advisory opinion on the global fleet, giving you best-in-class aviation intelligence. Our dynamic market reports are simple, comprehensive, and regularly updated to help you reveal prevailing and future trends for every commercial aircraft type.


You'll have rapid access to both quantitative and qualitative fleet and flight summaries, value trends, lease end analysis, transactions, carbon emissions, and much more…


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Guide and justify your aviation investment strategy

Give your teams the best aviation intelligence

Whether you're developing or revising an investment strategy, amending your portfolio, or updating risk and investment committees, our reports are detailed but quick and easy to use. They provide a snapshot of the market and reveal essential sector KPIs. You'll always be up to date and the first in the know.

Enjoy more confident decision making

Our dynamically-updated reports provide the most holistic market commentaries available to the aviation industry. Covering current and historical calendar quarters, they provide truly meaningful aviation data and intelligence: accurate, enabling, and powerful. Driven by IBA Insight, your teams will make confident, evidence-based decisions and risk management choices.

What's included?

Our detailed Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports make quick and easy checks possible across all essential market KPIs, including but not limited to:


  • Aircraft fleet status

  • Aircraft market values and lease rate outlook

  • Flight summaries

  • Carbon emission performance

  • Lease end forecasts

  • Operator heat maps

  • Engine types

  • Lease manager summaries

  • Operator and credit rating summaries

  • Transaction events and average age

  • Aircraft statuses and retirements


IBA Insight's Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports quickly clarify:

  • Value and lease rate performance over the past three years

  • Aircraft transaction events and average age

  • Aircraft status

  • Carbon emission performance

  • Flights by origin region

  • Engine type by aircraft


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