IBA Insight Liquidity

Future-proof your asset strategy with IBA Insight Liquidity

IBA Insight Liquidity clearly shows aircraft availability and liquidity so you can reach the best supply and demand pricing decisions. Designed with asset and financing strategies in mind, our module makes evaluating and modelling aircraft liquidity accurate, fast and simple.


获取超过 75,000+ 架飞机和发动机的价值数据

3500 万

每年跟踪 3500 万次的飞行信息


每年增加超过 165,000 次的航空事件


由拥有 500 多年专业经验的团队管理


Use our intelligence to make the best transaction and lease decisions

Global aircraft fleet analysis

Our Liquidity module engages data from multiple IBA Insight applications to create liquidity analysis from events associated with aircraft fleets, historical and projected status and our flexible historical values.






Map aircraft availability

IBA Insight Liquidity uncovers average age and market share at the fleet and operator level, guiding your exploration of specific aircraft or engine metrics.


  • Lease expiry dates, orders, deliveries, retirements, and part-outs

  • Market supply and demand

  • Delivery streams and lease ends by sector, asset, or company

  • Impacts on future pricing factors


Global aircraft and airline fleet analysis over time: current and historical

Our data charts the growth of the commercial aircraft fleet; it clarifies the global fleet's evolving status and enables you to review previous operators for a subset of the fleet. IBA Insight Liquidity presents you with the most popular trends of aircraft class or manufacturer to support perceptive fleet management decisions.


IBA Insight Liquidity empowers you to track every event and transaction trend across all asset and owner/operator classes and analyse the market, from cradle-to-grave events or status trends.

IBA 航空数据和分析平台



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