Whether you’re buying, selling, financing, lending against or operating aircraft, it is vital to have an accurate overall picture of the aircraft’s current and future value. With over thirty years of aircraft appraising experience, a large technical department and over 100 aircraft under management, as well as no other leading appraiser having our depth of data, breadth of technical expertise, or access to primary data. We typically advise airlines, investors, lawyers, lessors and financiers.

IBA is one of a handful of firms with 7 ISTAT appraisers, which is the established benchmark for aviation valuations. We appraise a broad array of aviation assets including:

  • Aircraft – We provide valuations on the full spectrum of commercial aeroplanes, corporate aircraft, freighters and helicopters.
  • Engines – We provide regular updates for over 250 engines from the leading OEMs, as well as bespoke appraisals on older or less common models.
  • Other tangible and intangible assets – IBA has recently ascribed commercial values to: used components, MRO and part-out facilities, slots and ground equipment.

Our team of certified appraisers continually work to ensure that values are accurate and reflect the constantly changing market conditions. Whether the valuation is for a new delivery aircraft or a secondary market deal, our team monitors all transactions in the sector to ensure that the valuation given is a true representation of current aircraft and engine trade-in values.

We strive to use our industry knowledge and experience to determine the main value attributes of aircraft and engines, as well as to understand how this relates to changing demand patterns. That’s why our team carefully analyses the product’s life cycle, technology in use, industry demand and the current order book before finalising any valuation.

At IBA, we have established a benchmark value for all aircraft and engines, which is constantly updated in light of industry trends and transactions, in line with our analysts’ opinions and also reflects the intelligence we gather from the technical side of the business.

With continually updated market information, IBA is able to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of each aircraft model to provide a specific aircraft depreciation profile for each asset. We are also able to provide data in the format, or depth, that is the most appropriate for your needs. Typically this ranges from an opinion letter to a desktop valuation based on half-life or actual maintenance condition, through to a comprehensive appraisal where the aircraft and maintenance records are also inspected by our technical experts.

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Example Case Study

IBA historical valuations and transaction knowledge have been used to great effect to support new investors in building new deal models to monitor pricing volatility, provide comfort surrounding loan-to-value levels, deduce appraiser accuracy and establish timing of the next cyclical downturn. In several cases, IBA datasets have been used to satisfy regulatory bodies on loss-given-default rates to meet Basel III rules.

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