Selecting the correct operator, platform or aircraft is a critical and integral step in the aircraft investment process.

Uniquely at IBA, we combine appraisal expertise with aviation management experience and technical advisory skills to provide expert opinion on issues such as the risk profile of the prospective fleet, objective insight into the operator, cashflow implications for investors, maintenance events, and a commercial review of leases for technical language and terms that might negatively impact the all-important residual values or transactional efficiencies.

By conducting robust research on the operator, assets and jurisdiction before a deal progresses, we can identify the risks in a deal and factor this into pricing. We are also able to find value through such research by highlighting if risk is not as high as that perceived by the market.

Our combined appraisal and technical expertise enables us to deliver valuations provided by ISTAT certified appraisers and independent inspectors. These assess the true condition of the aircraft, and provide negotiation leverage, or alternatives if the aircraft are sub-standard.

Once the asset is in use we advise on how the aircraft will be managed by the operator – for example whether it outsources MRO or performs maintenance in-house and what the value and remarketing implications of that decision are likely to be. Equipped with this information, the investor has a clearer view of the value and of the potential of the investment.

Download our Asset Management brochure for more information on our approach.

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