As well as individual asset valuations, IBA also conducts a great number of full portfolio valuations for clients who require valuations of their portfolio on a regular basis as part of their financial and accounting procedures. IBA’s online systems and procedures have been designed to provide the best possible assistance during the audit process and as requirements change, our systems will adapt to continue that support.

IBA also provides its services in many due diligence processes through the valuation of portfolios being offered for sale to the market. These types of valuations are bespoke, based on the specific requirements and situation of the clients, and often encompass maintenance adjustments, forecast opinion, historical performance and granular opinion on each asset in the portfolio.

By building strong relationships with our clients, IBA has gained an intricate knowledge of the structure of our clients’ portfolios, as well as their business requirements and expectations, enabling a streamlined, fast and accurate valuation process.

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