IBA recognises the importance of using the right blend of technical and market knowledge in understanding the market value of all critical aviation components. None can be as important as for the aero engine. We pride ourselves on being able to provide accurate value opinion and commercial advice on all aspects of engine management and are especially experienced at managing engine redeliveries.

With a specific focus on engines, IBA delivers advice and support across appraisals, asset management and strategic analysis. From selection and EIS to disposal, IBA understands the complex elements relating to the residual value performance of engines. The value of a spare engine can actually increase in its early production years, it will then plateau and will only depreciate significantly once large numbers of the host aircraft are scrapped.

Over the years, through our positive working relationships with engine manufacturers and lessors, IBA has gained accurate data on all engine variants that are currently fitted on commercial passenger aircraft. This enables us to accurately determine engine values, accounting for replacement price, age, market condition, depreciation based on resale history, and useful economic life. Valuations can be further adjusted to account for the maintenance status of the engines under study.

IBA’s expertise includes:

  • Engine Maintenance Cost Data.
  • Redelivery advice and support.
  • Valuations against all the main types of aero engine and their associated QEC/EBU kits.
  • Complete life inspections, including pre purchase, acceptance and end of lease inspections.
  • Oversight of maintenance, including sourcing and selection of components.
  • Advice and analysis around selection, disposal, OEM maintenance programs and use of PMA parts.
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