Sean Meagher

Sean Meagher

Data Team Manager

Sean joined IBA in 2013 as a Senior Aviation Data Analyst, responsible for the input, maintenance and accuracy of IBA's Online Aircraft Database - JetData. Subsequently, Sean was heavily involved in the development of IBA's Online Intelligence Platform, IBA.iQ, with an emphasis on the design and running of the data maintenance application. More recently, Sean progressed to Manager of the Aircraft Data team, and now leads a team of ten data analysts, who bring together over 250+ years of aviation research experience. Sean oversees the team's continuous update and enhancement of the aircraft transaction data held within IBA Insight.


Sean has been following aircraft transactions for more than 40+ years and previously worked as a Senior Data Analyst at Ascend.


Sean is a keen aviation enthusiast and in his spare time, is a Trustee of the Air-Britain Charitable Trust.


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