Julian Aldana

Technical Manager - Americas

Julian joined IBA in 2019 as a Technical Manager based in America. He is an experienced aviation professional with multiple qualifications in aircraft engineering and aircraft management. He holds multiple licenses and approvals from different countries, including USA FAA A&P, Swiss FOCA EASA Part 66 B1/B2/C, UAE GCAA and Australia CASA with different Airbus and Boeing type ratings endorsed.

Previously, Julian worked for several airlines around the globe in various technical positions, performing different assignments in aircraft maintenance as a licensed engineer, customer support, flying engineer, outstations relief, completing aircraft delivery inspections and as a technical representative.

His academic qualifications include an Avionics and Aircraft Maintenance Technical Diploma and MSc. in Air Transport Management. His latest accomplishments include training in EASA Part 21, Part M Essentials for large Aircraft and Aircraft Technical Records review for CAMO staff, followed by a Boeing 787 B1/B2 Level 3 course.

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