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InsightIQ Flights is a powerful analysis application that unites our Fleets data with aircraft asset movement and utilisation to build a complete picture of global flight activity. With 35 million flights tracked annually, InsightIQ Flights supports both the effective monitoring of existing portfolios and fleets and the successful identification of future deal opportunities and divestments.

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获取超过 65,000+ 架飞机和发动机的价值数据

3500 万

每年跟踪 3500 万次的飞行信息


每年增加超过 120,000 次的航空事件


由拥有 350 多年专业经验的团队管理

Capture flight patterns and deployment

InsightIQ's innovative data-manipulation and permutation technology lets you combine current flight data with utilisation history to understand operators' aircraft deployment. You’ll recognise where aircraft are being flown, how they are being utilised and be able to identify unusual patterns, warning signs and risks of default. 

Understand global flight activity and geographic fleet distribution

With InsightIQ it’s possible to view and appreciate the utilisation and flight maps of single aircraft or entire fleets, whether current or historical. You can scrutinise the data by operator, flight type, sector, primary role or aircraft model to identify market trends, threats and opportunities.



Powerful flight profiling and tracking

  • Spot market trends

  • Track single asset, fleet or user-driven portfolios

  • Select origin and destination airports, cities, countries or regions to understand operator market share of specific routes

  • Profile leased versus owned aircraft employment

  • Interrogate historical flight data by operator, flight type, primary role and aircraft model to understand market patterns

  • Intuitive analysis, bottom up or top down

  • Profile reactions to major events such as Covid-19 at a macro, single operator or registration level


Accurate, trusted flight data

InsightIQ uses flight data sourced from a trusted, market-leading provider of global flight tracking data for thousands of daily flights. We update InsightIQ with over 35 million flights annually so our clients can perform meaningful, swift and accurate analysis.


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