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Carbon Emissions Calculator

The definitive commercial aviation carbon calculator

InsightIQ’s Carbon Emissions Calculator (CEC) is the only finance-focused carbon modelling tool currently available; it’s leading the way. The CEC benefits from IBA’s proprietary fuel-burn data which, integrated with InsightIQ’s Flights and Fleets module, can illustrate carbon emissions by any combination of: time period, airline, lessor, aircraft model, OEM, country, airport and route pair.


A black tablet that shows graphs from IBA's aviation intelligence platform on the screen.


获取超过 65,000+ 架飞机和发动机的价值数据

3500 万

每年跟踪 3500 万次的飞行信息


每年增加超过 120,000 次的航空事件


由拥有 350 多年专业经验的团队管理

The benchmark for aviation ESG analysis using consistent methodology

Robust, independent calculations at the seat, aircraft model, flight and operator level

Powered by real-world flight information, InsightIQ’s carbon emissions model supports analysis of specific aircraft, organisational performance and regional emissions distribution. Clients can assess aircraft fuel efficiency over different distances, load factors and seat layouts. Enhanced environmental due diligence will optimise acquisition and fleet management decisions.

Penetrate aviation organisations’ aggregate scope 1 emissions profiles

InsightIQ’s CEC lets you evaluate whether parties are taking adequate action to reduce their carbon footprint. It will highlight the comparative performance of different companies and provide detailed guidance about aircraft fleet composition and route improvements. You’ll quickly work out the market’s stars and underperformers.

Achieve emissions clarity by region, country, route or airport

The Carbon Emissions Calculator powerfully maps the geographic footprint of emissions by model and organisation over time. Heatmaps illustrate the likely implications of new carbon offsetting schemes and allow assessment of potential emissions reduction by adopting Sustainable Aviation Fuels. 


InsightIQ’s bespoke CEC helps aviation financiers demonstrate their ethical credentials. Its crucial intelligence underpins a robust understanding of global environmental concerns, makes operational efficiency data clear and provides unrivalled support for today’s and tomorrow’s aviation decision making.

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