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Carbon Emissions Index

The new carbon-efficiency benchmark for global aviation

Developed in association with KPMG, IBA’s innovative Carbon Emissions Index measures your comparative carbon performance.


Leading the way in environmental reporting and green financing, our easy-to-use index tracks the global monthly commercial aircraft fleets’ emissions efficiency so you can gauge relative performance. The index tracks monthly CO2 emissions efficiency using the familiar measure of grams of CO2 per available seat kilometre.

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Over 65,000 commercial aircraft

35 Million

35 million airline flights tracked per year


Over 120,000 aircraft events added annually


Managed by a team with over 350 years of expertise

Drill down into key performance indicators to quickly identify and compare fleet and portfolio performance by asset type, across regions, and between managers and operators

Providing an independent benchmark to demonstrate the industry’s collaborative efforts to reduce emissions


IBA’s Carbon Emissions Index allows global aviation to showcase its actions towards improved efficiency and achievement of environmental social and governance (ESG) goals, fulfilment of reporting requirements and reduction in each available passenger seat’s emissions footprint.

Monitor Airline and Lessor performance


The Carbon Emissions Index accurately records and compares the most efficient airlines and fleet operations. Subscribers can study carbon emissions to-date and understand relative operating performance across fleets on a per seat, per mile basis.


Powered by impartial, accurate carbon calculation methodology, IBA’s Index is an undeniable source of truth. It will enable effective access to green and sustainability-linked financing.

Get monthly updates highlighting aircraft types, Airlines and Lessors


With data points starting from early 2018, the Carbon Emissions Index showcases the industry’s efforts and success at improving fleet efficiency and illustrates overall year-on-year reductions. Our team of expert analysts publishes a monthly investigation of efficiency trends and global active fleet mix performance across asset types, regions, airlines and lessors.

The Carbon Emissions Index achieves up to 99% accuracy


IBA’s Carbon Emissions Index is driven by fleet and flight data from InsightIQ.


Accurate global flight information based on airport-to-airport, great circle distance integrates with the configuration, specification and fuel burn characteristics of all commercial aircraft and engines. A uniquely accurate CO2 emissions analysis results: Scope 1 emissions figures correspond with airlines’ own reporting at more than 99% accuracy.

Impartial, accurate methodology in CO2 emissions analysis


Using big data methods, advanced analytics techniques, and the expertise of IBA’s 50-strong analyst and research teams, IBA compiles the Index and compares its results to the published sustainability reports and Scope 1 carbon emissions of over 50 global airlines.

Subscriber benefits:

  • Benchmark fleets or portfolios against the index monthly or on any other periodic basis to see their performance and ranking
  • Understand which airlines and aircraft contribute and compare the figures on a country-by-country or region-by-region basis
  • Provide consumers and businesses with accurate comparable emissions figures for journey planning to inform personal or corporate travel choices
  • Obtain an independent benchmark for TCFD (Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures) reporting and an expert, unbiased gauge for portfolio measurement and modelling

"IBA and KPMG are proud to launch the Carbon Emissions Index. We look forward to making a positive impact towards the green future of aviation."

Chris Brown. Partner, Aviation Strategy. KPMG Ireland

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