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IBA’s Webinar: Covid-19 – aircraft values and lease rates: What are my aviation assets worth?

Combining IBA’s historical data and experience of several downturns over the past 33 years, IBA’s senior ISTAT appraiser team review the impact from Covid-19 on future asset performance.

IBA present their approach to valuations and lease rates, share opinion on market performance in the near and long term and which assets types will be impacted most.

This interactive session, What are my aviation assets worth, will among other things consider:

  • The approach taken by IBA’s award winning appraisal team to valuing aircraft and engines in the near term
  • Provide examples of the impact on widebody and narrowbody aircraft values in different scenarios including value in use, future base value, part out, distressed sales and  lease encumbered valuations
  • Why IBA is taking a shrewd approach and not cutting values without tangible evidence and market transactions, but taking into account evidence from previous downturns
  • Your pain points and burning issues by allowing 30 mins for Q&A with our panel


The webinar was chaired by Phil Seymour, an IBA ISTAT Senior Appraiser Fellow and former ISTAT International Appraisers’ Program Chairman . Phil was joined by Stuart Hatcher and Mike Yeomans – two of IBA’s Senior ISTAT Appraisers and David Archer, IBA’s Senior Engine Analyst. Our panel of experts share their experience and views on values and lease rates.

The webinar recording can be viewed on our YouTube Channel and the slide deck is available to download here. If you have further questions please contact: Mike.Yeomans@iba.aero.

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