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IBA's Helicopter Values Guide 2020

Unlike the fixed wing market, helicopter utilisation appears to have stabilised and returned to near normal levels in some sectors. As the pandemic took hold earlier this year, we saw demand for helicopters impacted by travel restrictions preventing workers reaching offshore and wind facilities, and also by extremely low oil pricing.


With restrictions easing mid-year, we have subsequently seen utilisation rates strengthening as delayed maintenance of wind turbines resumed and workers returning to offshore sites. With demand for medical air transportation also rising, we are seeing strong utilisations of helicopters across HEMS as a result.


In summary, utilisation has stabilised, orders and transactions have reduced but as fewer units have come on the market, the value of limited stock has held better than expected.


To review values of key commercial helicopters, download a copy of IBA’s Helicopter Values Guide 2020 using the link below.

Helicopter Values Guide 2020

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