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IBA's 2019 Helicopter Values Guide

It has been a turbulent few years for the Helicopter market. Difficulties have included volatile oil prices, persistence of oversupply in some sectors and challenging political environments in key recovery markets. Despite the challenges, there is evidence of recovery within the market, IBA are forecasting low levels of growth for the coming years.

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How have values changed?


The Heavy helicopter market remains suppressed and for now the situation does not appear to be improving. Decreasing demand, lower than expected utilisation levels and oversupply within this category has resulted in depreciating values, in particular for used assets. Overall, values of Super Medium helicopters remain stable. In some cases, these aircraft provide a more economically attractive option than Heavy helicopters. Likewise, the demand for and value of Medium sized helicopters remains steady, due to the multi-adaptable nature of these assets. The use of Light-Twin Engine helicopters has continued to expand in the EMS sector and we expect this trend to remain in the foreseeable future. This will generate an increase in the value of these assets. Light category helicopters, in particular the Bell-Textron B505, are a big hit in the Asia Pacific region. Consequently, we are forecasting the value of these helicopters to appreciate over the coming years.


To review values of key commercial helicopters, download a copy of IBA's 2019 Helicopter Values Guide using the link below.

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If you missed our recent webcast on the Helicopter Market, IBA's Owen Geach shares his latest insight on:


  • Turbine fleet - lease/owned dynamics
  • Helicopter trends
  • OEM market share
  • Deliveries - actual/forecast
  • Financing helicopters


Keep up to date on the market dynamics by downloading a copy of the webcast recording and slide deck here.

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