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A must-have tool for aviation finance, IBA Insight's powered by over 65 years of proprietary commercial aircraft and engine fleet data. Add in IBA's award-winning values, market data, carbon emission modelling and aviation flight and cycles intelligence and you have a pioneering formula. Let Insight accelerate your market research, valuations, divestment and procurement decisions.


Over 65,000 commercial aircraft

35 Million

35 million airline flights tracked per year


Over 120,000 aircraft events added annually


Managed by a team with over 350 years of expertise

Intelligence-led investment, strategy and management support


We're passionate about leading the global aviation market in data mastery and expert consultancy services. We've built up unrivalled market knowledge and commercial nous over more than 30 years. IBA Insight turbocharges our collaborations with a breadth and depth of world-beating data to keep us and our partners ahead; let its intelligence boost your thinking and support your business' direction and performance.


IBA Insight's fast. Its intuitive navigation and clearly understandable graphics make it straightforward to use. It's easy to generate different scenarios. Don't be deceived into thinking it's a simple platform though: it's anything but. Its power lies in its skill of making absolute sense of complex aviation intelligence. It quickly clears the way towards transparency around multiple actual or potential asset and market positions. With immediate access to independent aircraft and engine data, liquidity, values, lease rate and flights information you'll always be in the know. IBA Insight takes data manipulation to another level. 




IBA Insight Fleets

IBA Insight Fleets will enhance your acquisition and divestment choices. Real or potential, single asset or multiple, research backed by Fleets' global intelligence will clarify market patterns, schedules and changes. From high level fleet overview to a granular MSN level you'll understand times, cycles and average ages. Retirement programmes, delivery and storage levels will be clear. We processed over 250,000 updates and 120,000 events on Fleets in 2020; our partners' fleet awareness is sharp, relevant and up to date.

IBA Insight Values

Award winning. Five certified senior Appraisers. IBA Insight, the market-leading associative analytics engine. Persuaded? Our experts provide appraisal and related due diligence for over 3,500 transactions and portfolio valuations annually. We can assess your entire aviation asset portfolio: engines, helicopters, bizjets, freighters, even landing slots. You can trust our customisable valuations. Access to all commercial aircraft and engines lets lessors, analysts, operators and investors understand the evolving value and risk profile of current or planned asset pools.

IBA Insight Flights

IBA Insight Flights blends Fleets data with global asset movements and utilisation information in a powerful analysis application. It makes global flight activity visible; you'll know where aircraft are being flown, by whom and how they're being used. IBA tracks 35 million flights annually to give you bottom up or top down analysis. You'll have all the data   you need to monitor existing assets or to discover future opportunities, Flights exposing unusual patterns and warning signs.   

IBA Insight Trends

Insight Trends gives you clear sight of your aviation asset values in context: today, yesterday and tomorrow. It will raise your investment game. With 65,000 aircraft and engines updated daily, you can track values, lease rates and lease rate factors against market influences including historical market events, oil price, interest rates and inflation. You'll have a bird's eye view of likely market direction with Trends, better preparing you for potential market shifts, opportunities and volatility.

IBA Insight Liquidity

IBA Insight Liquidity's designed with asset and financing strategies in mind. Amalgamating data from multiple IBA Insight applications, Liquidity clearly shows aircraft availability and demand so you can make astute pricing and timely buy or sell decisions. Armed with Liquidity's intelligence, you'll know when to execute asset events to reap the best economic outcome for your business. You'll have all critical angles covered.

IBA NetZero

A market-leading, finance-focused carbon modelling tool: that's what IBA NetZero offers. It's a powerful synthesis of Flights and Fleets intelligence with IBA's proprietary fuel burn data. It'll give you unbiased, accurate carbon emissions intelligence by time period, airline, airport, lessor, MSN, model, OEM, fleet and country. IBA NetZero and enhanced environmental due diligence go hand in hand. You'll discover transparent operational efficiency data, emission reduction strategy information, carbon offsetting implications and the impact of Sustainable Aviation Fuels on carbon footprints.

IBA Insight Carbon Emissions Index

Environmental monitoring and reporting and sustainability-linked financing have never been higher on the global agenda in all sectors, including aviation. That's why IBA collaborated with KPMG to develop the ground-breaking Carbon Emissions Index. It delivers an independent, accurate benchmark of carbon performance to meet all your ESG disclosure obligations. Comparing CO2 per available seat kilometre by asset type, region, manager and operator is fast, simple and precise with the Carbon Emissions Index.

Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports

Aircraft-specific, dynamic, accurate information. IBA's Market Intelligence Reports blend unbiased, precise Insight data with expert advisory opinion on the global fleet to reveal prevailing and future trends for every commercial aircraft type. You'll have rapid access to all essential market KPIs including flight summaries, values and lease rates, lease end forecasts, engine types, carbon emission performance, transaction events and much more. Mitigate risk, boost decision making and stay ahead.

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