IBA's unparalleled data quality, governance and management expertise

We understand the quality of our data and intelligence underpins investment decisions. Data excellence is one of the most valuable assets an organisation has; without complete, accurate and robust data to deliver meaningful insight, strategy development, business modelling, investment choices and risk monitoring can't be effective. We prioritise governance structures to eliminate data integrity risks and provide our clients with the assurance that our data is clean, complete and accurate.

Ensuring confidence in our data



Unrivalled end-to-end processes that eliminate data variability

The IBA Insight data team uses unmatched quality assurance processes that remove data inconsistency. Having implemented more than 50 validation and quality checks, we make sure we inspect data at every step to identify errors, generate notifications and reconcile discrepancies.



Leading governance structures

IBA's effective internal control environment includes standard policies and procedures, a firm-wide data quality program, data control activities and an issue tracking process. Our independent QA function focuses on reporting accuracy and completeness, including the underlying data's security, so you can rely on its truth.




Unequalled analysis and insight

The power of our integrated technology combined with enhanced data quality and unmatched data coverage creates opportunities. Armed with this intelligence, aviation industry stakeholders can make effective decisions validated by improved financial awareness, reporting, monitoring, modelling and analysis.



Our clients convert the purity, depth and broad scope of our intelligence into astute investment and management decisions. The clarity of our information supports confident decision-making.

How we can help

Leasing, Managing Aircraft and Engines

Aviation as an Investment

Operating Airlines

Banks and Other Financial Institutions

Aviation Litigation for Lawyers

MRO Support

Aviation Intelligence and Analytics

IBA works with leading aircraft and engine leasing companies from around the world. Our depth of industry knowledge informs our expert advice so we can support clients through the investment cycle, inspiring confidence at every stage of their journey. From valuations, fleet selection and portfolio development to redelivery and remarketing at lease end, we accompany clients through every risk assessment and asset management activity during the life of the lease.

Asset Management

Aviation investment can be an intricate affair and, with significant financial stakes involved, leaving things to chance is not an option. Whether you are investing for the first time or an established player in the market, IBA can help you cut through the complexities of the asset class to better understand investment opportunities. We can work with you to support portfolio development, diversification and to meet strategic needs.

Aircraft Under Management

For over 30 years IBA has worked with global and regional airlines providing valuation and advisory services, aviation data intelligence and aircraft and engine redelivery support. Working collaboratively on a variety of aviation projects spanning the world, we fulfil clients' additional resource requirements and provide project management support wherever and whenever needed.

Remarketing & Transitions

With our large team of award-winning ISTAT-qualified appraisers and over 30 years' proprietary data, IBA is a leading player in the valuations market. Working globally, we offer independent, impartial opinion and advice on the value of a range of asset types including aircraft, engines, helicopters, freighters and air cargo, landing slots and spares. Always striving to exceed clients' expectations, IBA's objective judgement supports the required security needed for loans, asset repossession, commercial development and remarketing.


We take a resourceful approach to litigation support and dispute resolution, identifying thoughtful solutions that are tailored to our clients' legal strategy. Our access to over 30 years of proprietary aviation data, regular involvement in strategic M&A and aircraft management expertise affords us regular access to the typical areas of contention between parties. IBA assists clients directly or via their legal teams across many aspects ranging from insurance related settlement for aircraft damage or loss, to disputes between lessors and lessees - often at redelivery.

Litigation Support

We work globally to support the MRO community with research of aircraft historical performance, aircraft and engine values, maintenance cost benchmarking, shop visit forecasts and competitive analysis for all fixed and rotary wing aircraft, parts and engines.


Introducing IBA Insight, our one-stop aviation intelligence platform. IBA's extensive fleet, values and market data in combination with flight data and our professional expert opinion, offers greater confidence and assurance for investments, risk profiling and monitoring of aircraft portfolios.

IBA Insight

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