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What are the implications of Aviation's Net Zero 2050 target for the industry?

07 December 2021

Join IBA’s advisory team of experts to explore aviation's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Take part in this essential webinar to enrich your understanding and explore the impact, cost and how the industry will need to adapt and change.

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Topics covered include:


  • Will the costs of the industry rise impacting consumer demand?

  • What will happen to aircraft values as new technology becomes available?

  • Is Net Zero the operator's responsibility or an issue for the whole value chain including lessors and banks?

  • What factors have most effect on reducing CO2 per pax mile?


IBA’s webinars are open to all free of charge, but please register to attend.


Who should attend?


This is a free and open session available to all our current and future global clients, partners and industry colleagues. 


Can't make it?
Register anyway, all registrants will receive a copy of the materials after the session.


The data used in this webinar is from InsightIQ, our leading intelligence platform for aviation finance. InsightIQ combines speed, accuracy, visual analytics and intuitive navigation to deliver actionable insight from comprehensive, integrated fleet, values, flight, carbon and market aviation data. More information can be found here.

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