May 02nd , 2018, 18:00pm – May 03rd , 2018, 16:00pm

IBA are pleased to be sponsoring and speaking at this event.


Phil Seymour, CEO, will be contributing to the panel discussion ‘Fundamentals of the Leasing Industry – Dynamics, Competition and Strategic Implications’ at 10:00 am on Wednesday 2nd May. The session will cover:

An overview of the current state of the engine leasing market and a look at hot issues, key trends and critical drivers The leasing industry is an increasingly competitive space – is this driving innovation in service provision or creating a ‘race to the bottom’? How are lessors retaining their edge and adapting their offer? Is supply matching demand? The OEM shadow – in an ever changing environment how can lessors manage their risk and maintain profitability? What is now the role of the truly independent lessor? How will the evolving and more volatile airline market, especially in EMEA, impact the leasing industry? Will further consolidation be seen in the operator and MRO arena and what consequences will this have for lessors?


Kane Ray, Head Analyst – Commercial Engines, is pleased to have been invited to speak on the Appraiser panel ‘Residual Values and Valuation Methodologies’ on Thursday 3rd at 10:10 am. The session will cover:

How do engine valuations evolve over individual engine and platform lifecycles? Do all appraisers agree with one another on values of certain types at certain times? What do appraisers look for when evaluating engines? What are the methodologies for valuing engines and do they need reviewing? What external trends and developments are impacting engine residual values and what risks does this pose for the industry? What are future values predicted to look like and what might be the reasons for these trends?


IBA will have a full Engine team at this event. Our exhibition stand will be located in the Forum Foyer, do drop by if you would like to chat with our experts.


02nd May 18:00pm
03rd May 16:00pm