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Airfinance Journal Dublin 2019

IBA’s Mike Yeomans, Head of Valuations, is pleased to have been invited to speak at the Airfinance Journal conference in Dublin on the panel session ‘What’s causing the discrepancy between real & theoretical values?’ at 4:20 pm on Tuesday 22nd January. The session will discuss:

Often the base value of an aircraft as offered in an appraisal does not directly translate to transactions; as such a disparity between “real” and “theoretical” values has emerged. Hear the experts breakdown these disparities and offer an informative view on what your assets are really worth, with or without leases attached.

Phil Seymour, IBA’s CEO, will also be on the panel ‘Factoring airline credit risk when taking bulk orders of new technology aircraft’ at 11:20 am on Thursday 24th. This session is scheduled to cover:

  • What level of credit risk is being taken on when untested airlines make bulk orders of new technology aircraft?
  • What risk management strategies do OEM treasuries employ to mitigate chances of defaults?
  • Is it sensible for unestablished airlines to be making bulk orders of new technology aircraft primarily for the purpose of pricing?
  • Will the rise in interest rates impact the appetite for new technology aircraft?


A team of IBA’s expert analysts will be in attendance at this event, offering meetings and demonstrations of our leading data intelligence platform IBA.iQ. To arrange a meeting please contact: owen.geach@iba.aero

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