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20th Annual Global Airfinance Conference, Dublin 2018

IBA is sponsoring this event.


Phil Seymour has been invited to speak on a panel addressing ‘The Impact of New Entrants on Asset Values’. The session at 17:20pm on Tuesday 23rd will discuss:

  •  How is new capital injected in the industry by Asian investors impacting asset values and investment opportunities?
  • What would happen to the assets being financed by this new capital in the event of a downturn?
  • What investment opportunities are being created by new entrants or will open up in the nearer and longer term?

Stuart Hatcher, Chief Commercial Officer, will also be speaking on a panel discussing ‘Appraisal Disparity in the Aircraft ABS Market’ covering:

  • Given that appraisers used the same data and similar methodology why were engine asset valuations so far apart on the WEST III deal?
  • What implications do appraisal disparities have for issuers and investors?
  • What solutions, if any, are available to appraisers and investors looking at future ABS transactions?


If you haven’t seen our iQ data platform recently it’s fast and it’s fully loaded with all commercial aircraft fleet data, including the Lease End dates and values. We will be showcasing the system at this event. If you would like to arrange a demonstration, drop by our exhibition stand (No.9) or our meeting room (No.11 in the Liffey Room) or contact: Owen.geach@iba.aero



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