With a unique dataset combining 30 years of historical asset values, maintenance data from hundreds of aircraft and a team of expert analysts, IBA provides critical data to inform investment and financing decisions, improve efficiency and visibility, plus reduce operational risk. Typically we advise airlines, investors, large funds, lawyers, lessors and financiers.

Whether buying, selling, financing, lending against or operating aircraft, it is vital to have an accurate picture of their current and future value.  No other leading appraiser has our depth of data, breadth of technical expertise, or access to primary data.

Through our new database offering we will soon provide the most insightful data around fleet values and date, plus market leading ability to analyse information. Our closeness to trading or maintenance data reinforces our independence.

IBA is one of a handful of firms with 7 ISTAT appraisers, the established benchmark for aviation valuations. We appraise a broad array of aviation assets including:

  • Aircraft – We provide valuations on the full spectrum of commercial aircraft, corporate aircraft, freighters and helicopters
  • Engines – We provide regular updates for over 250 engines from the leading OEMs, as well as bespoke appraisals on older or less common models
  • Other tangible and intangible assets – For example we have recently ascribed commercial values to: used components, MRO and part-out facilities, slots and ground equipment

IBA has established a benchmark value for all aircraft and engines, which is constantly updated in light of industry trends and transactions, in line with our analysts’ opinions and also reflects the intelligence we gather from the technical side of business.

Alongside appraisals on assets and portfolios, the team also deliver a range of risk monitoring and market analysis services to lessors, investors and operators.

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