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Driving actionable insight from comprehensive, integrated aviation data

IBA's extensive fleet, values and market data in combination with flight data and our professional expert opinion, offers greater confidence and assurance for investments, risk profiling and monitoring of aircraft portfolios to the aviation finance community.


Access to over 62,000 Aircraft and Engine Values

35 Million

35 million airline flights tracked per year


Over 130,000 Aircraft events added annually


Managed by a team with over 250+ years of expertise

Introducing InsightIQ, IBA's one-stop aviation intelligence platform

With over three decades of working with a broad mix of clients; ranging from airlines to lessors, manufacturers to government agencies and lawyers, IBA has been exposed to crucial and historical market data and as a result, collates data as part of its daily business.


With our advantageous combination of intelligence gathering, technical expertise and several decades of collective aviation experience, IBA has built InsightIQ, a leading data intelligence platform to delivery essential insights for leading global banks, investment funds, leasing companies, insurance companies, OEM's, Airlines and MROs.


As a professional consulting organisation, we are totally independent and provide critical data that informs investment and aviation finance decisions, asset and credit risk profiling and portfolio management.


IBA, the Appraiser of the year 2020, is also one of only a very small group of Appraisers to be fully approved by the main commercial airframe and engine manufacturers for the receipt of comprehensive pricing, market data, detailed utilisation and technical data on a regular basis.

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