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Providing confident and robust intelligence solutions for aviation finance

IBA's accurate and extensive fleet, values and aviation market data pairs with our professional services to offer the aviation finance community greater confidence in its aircraft and engine investments, risk profiling and monitoring.


We’ve worked in partnership with a broad mix of aviation clients for over three decades. IBA’s relationships with parties as diverse as airlines and lessors, financiers, manufacturers, government agencies and lawyers uncover crucial current and historical market information; collecting, collating and validating thousands of data points and sources daily is our core business.


Over 65,000 commercial aircraft

35 Million

35 million airline flights tracked per year


Over 120,000 aircraft events added annually


Managed by a team with over 350 years of expertise

Introducing InsightIQ, IBA's one-stop aviation intelligence platform


The combination of intelligence gathering, technical expertise and collective aviation experience we’ve amassed over decades is the powerful force behind InsightIQ. IBA’s innovative aircraft data intelligence platform delivers essential aviation insights for leading global banks, investment funds, leasing companies, insurance companies, OEMs, airlines and MROs.


As an independent, data intelligence organisation, we offer professional support and critical intelligence to inform investment and aviation finance decisions, asset and credit risk profiling and portfolio management. We understand data excellence is a prime asset; our robust, accurate data enhances expert aviation modelling, strategy and investigation. You can have confidence IBA’s stringent governance framework ensures our aviation data is clean, complete and precise.   



Valuations from Appraiser of the Year 2021

IBA is also one of the very few appraisers the main commercial airframe and engine manufacturers have approved to receive comprehensive pricing, market, utilisation and technical data on a regular basis. Our team of six ISTAT Appraisers manage and oversee all our aircraft and engine valuations, including the InsightIQ Values application. 


We've designed our valuation methodology to provide the most accurate and reliable values available on the market to support transactions, aircraft fleet planning, monitoring and reporting on portfolio performance. We collect and collate aviation data points from trusted public and confidential sources, discussing each one to ensure we can 'normalise' and cleanse it to produce accurate and relevant base, market, soft values and lease rates.


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Tracking the global recovery - Narrowbody and Widebody values update

Events29JulTracking the global recovery - Narrowbody and Widebody values updateDiscover more

What is the trajectory of commercial aircraft values around the world? In our upcoming webinar, our experts will be sharing their views plus the latest market intelligence from InsightIQ on the speed of recovery, future value performance and what the implications are for aviation finance globally. Register Here   Listen in to our panel of experts; Mike Yeomans, Director - Valuations and Phil Seymour, Company President, as they uncover, review and discuss global trends across aviation finance.   Using intelligence from InsightIQ, topics covered include: Commercial Aircraft: How will aircraft values and lease rates move across narrrowbody and widebody aircraft? What are the driving forces behind future market movements? How and why have different ages and generations of aircraft been affected differently? What is IBA's opinion on what might happen for Q3/4 2021? Who should attend? This is a free session open to the aviation finance community.   Can't make it?Register anyway, all registrants will receive a copy of the materials after the session. The data used in this webinar is from InsightIQ, our leading intelligence platform for aviation finance. InsightIQ combines speed, accuracy, visual analytics and intuitive navigation to deliver actionable insight from comprehensive, integrated fleet, values, flight, carbon and market aviation data. More information can be found here. Register Here

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