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Technical Services

We strive to help our clients address an extensive range of technical and operational issues, ranging from pre-purchase due diligence, delivery of new aircraft and mid lease checks to aircraft life extensions. We also focus on operator reviews for diversification or growth, technical due diligence and redelivery of aircraft.

Paul Brooker Chief Technical Manager IBA Group
Technical Services

Paul Brooker

Paul Brooker

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Through a combination of our specialist technical skills with our considerable commercial and industry expertise, our work provides clients with deeper insights into the true condition of engines, aircraft and helicopters as well as technical records and operations to give our clients greater confidence and assurance. At IBA, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand individual client needs and apply our knowledge and experience to technical and operational requirements.

Technical and operational inspections give greater understanding of asset and operational value, condition, airworthiness, and compliance with leases or pre-purchase agreement requirements of aircraft. We have been performing inspections on behalf of the aviation community for over 30 years and have acquired the needed experience in this service as technical and operational inspections require a detailed understanding of the asset and operation.

This includes the multiple assessments of the management structure, maintenance, safety systems, staffing levels, quality assurance, processes, procedures, financial details, maintenance costs, spares and third party agreements. Due to the variety of complex assessments that are involved in this process, operational inspections need the right blend of knowledge, experience and professional judgment to provide a fully comprehensive service.

At IBA, we offer a variety of technical services in the following areas:

  • Pre-transaction and mid-lease reports
  • Operator risk reviews
  • Technical due-diligence
  • Maintenance and inspection programmes
  • Records review and management
  • Delivery and Redelivery management
  • Unscheduled incident inspections
  • Storage solutions
  • Repossessions

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