IBA's partnerships are long term. We'll support you throughout your asset's life 

Our Asset Management, Technical and Consultancy teams work collaboratively to offer all-encompassing investment support. We'll have your back from beginning to end.


Identifying and advising on suitable investment opportunities? Supporting purchase and leasing negotiations? We can offer full cycle services through the entire lease-term including advice around mid-life strategies.


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End-To-End Aircraft Investment And Management Support


From pre-lease prospects to lease end extension, renewal or exit, we'll support you with wide-ranging aircraft investment and management services. From take off to landing, our partnership can involve expert purchase due diligence and lease contract negotiation, valuations, planned and unplanned maintenance, financial and legal processes, records management and aircraft and lease remarketing. IBA's focus is your success. 


With rich intelligence from IBA Insight, and our experience of aviation assets and leases, you'll enjoy business-critical management services to optimise outcomes.


We'll steer you through financial and legal processes and scheduled and ad-hoc maintenance events.


Together we'll explore aircraft utilisation and trends and manage maintenance costs and maintenance funds. You can trust our comprehensive maintenance planning documents (MPDs) to make sure you'll always fulfil lease maintenance obligations. 


We can monitor and analyse aircraft maintenance and utilisation data to ensure lessees are operating assets in compliance with contract terms. Our aircraft records management facilities guarantee full traceability and accountability; you'll have confidence in the integrity of all your maintenance, service, operational and storage documentation. Evidence of compliance with airworthiness directives or safety notices will be assured and asset values during redeliveries, repossessions and remarketing supported. 


Let IBA's Maintenance and Cost Forecasting Solution give you a clear perception of aircraft maintenance reserves, events and costs to make your portfolio's aviation assets transparent. With accurate forecasting clients can preserve adequate cash flow to cover costly events: airframe heavy checks, engine shop visits, life limited part (LLP) replacement or landing gear and auxiliary power unit (APU) overhaul. We'll also help you astutely manage any maintenance fund surpluses


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Case Study: Setting up and managing a new aircraft leasing fund

The airline industry has seen record aircraft orders that are driven by the operational needs of airlines. Investors who are new to aviation have been keen to participate in the equity and debt financing and, as a result, need to have experienced teams as well as a platform to effectively source and manage assets.


The setting up and managing of a new aircraft leasing fund through to exit sounds daunting, but IBA Group supported the successful point-to-point delivery of what was known as the Investec Global Aircraft Fund (IGAF) portfolio.


Investec Bank Australia invited IBA to take part in equity raising roadshows in order to create a fund to invest in aircraft operating leases. As well as standing shoulder to shoulder with the structured finance team, IBA also sourced various assets with leases attached, as well as originating sale leaseback opportunities.


This type of project highlights the breadth and depth of the IBA team, as we provided valuable input on the aircraft values, including current, future, lease encumbered and maintenance reserve cash flows.

Case Study continued...

We also offered insight on airline scoring and due diligence, lease document reviews, drafting and negotiation. IBA additionally presented the senior/mezzanine debt provider with information requests and investment committee reports, as well as taking part in the meetings and approval processes. This resulted in the initiation and growth of the IGAF portfolio.


The IGAF portfolio consisted of 20 aircraft, predominantly B737-800 and A320 aircraft, but also included A330-200/300s and B777300ERs across the world. Worthy operators included EVA Air, Qantas, IAG, Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, GOL and Jet Airways to name a few.


During that time IBA managed both the onboarding and ongoing asset management, whilst also extending the leases or, alternatively, redelivering and remarketing all of the original leases. Four aircraft were sold for part out during the period, including two B737-700s that were redelivered from Kenya Airways, and two B737-800s that were redelivered from Jet Airways. In those cases, the aircraft return conditions were renegotiated, allowing the airline to reduce their expenditure, whilst also allowing the fund to retain the multi-millions of dollars that were accrued for future maintenance. This added to the overall IRR for the fund.

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