IBA offers comprehensive due diligence advice across all asset types, platforms and transactions

Transaction Advisory

As a result of our unrivalled combination of independence, extensive industry expertise and unrestricted access to unique data, we are able to fully support the complete range of investments and acquisitions – across both M&A and capital markets.

Dr Stuart Hatcher Chief Operating Officer Managing Director Aviation IBA Group
Transaction Advisory

Dr Stuart Hatcher

Stuart Hatcher

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At IBA, our expert insight is what consistently enables our clients, from investors to financiers and operators, to make fully informed investment decisions. We are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive critical quantitative and qualitative intelligence on a wide variety of transactions across the following areas:

  • Commercial due diligence –  We independently analyse the target’s strategy and management; validating or contesting financial assumptions, competitive positioning and growth plans. We also further analyse the market, its attractiveness and any potential risks, as well as industry reputation and our view on the management team.


  • Vendor due diligence – As sector experts, IBA works in tandem with accountants to analyse and address the risks and opportunities related to the aviation market and aviation assets, particularly aircraft.  Our approach provide purchasers with greater assurance around the direction of the aviation cycle, highlights areas of a sale that might need additional support or an alternative approach and reassures in relation to asset values and/or leasing strategy.


  • Operator due diligence – This involves the successful combination of both quantitative and qualitative research in order to construct an accurate picture of the target’s ability to manage a fleet, win and retain business, maintain records and certificates and manage depreciating assets.


  • Valuations – This includes additional unique research on the fleet, as part of due diligence. We also extend this research to other assets to securely ensure that value and cost assumptions are valid and to build a full picture of maintenance reserves, cash flows and return conditions.

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