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Supplying independent guidance and due diligence for diverse aviation asset transactions


IBA offers clients a fully independent advisory service and analytical support for a complete range of aviation investments and procurements in both Mergers and Acquisitions and capital markets.


Backed by unrestricted access to aviation intelligence courtesy of our data platform InsightIQ, our experts partner diverse clients, from investors and financiers to operators, and assist them to make fully informed investment decisions.



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Representing our involvement in 90% of ABS structures


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Executing aviation sector due diligence: commercial, transaction and asset

IBA's teams are practised in collating and delivering inclusive, critical quantitative and qualitative intelligence on an extensive range of aviation asset transactions within:


  • Commercial due diligence. We independently analyse the target's strategy and management, validating or contesting financial assumptions, competitive positioning and growth plans. Our analysts evaluate the market, its attractiveness, potential risks and industry reputation and offer opinion on the effectiveness of the target's management team

  • Vendor due diligence. IBA works alongside a client's accountants to scrutinise the complex risks and opportunities inherent in the aviation market and aviation assets, particularly aircraft. Formulating strategy in the context of aviation cycle direction, we highlight aspects of individual sales demanding extra support as well as providing wholesale assistance. Our teams devise experience- and evidence-based approaches to give purchasers assurance that asset values are secure and the leasing strategy convincing

  • Operator due diligence. Combining quantitative and qualitative research, our teams construct an accurate depiction of the target's capabilities. They assess ability to profitably manage a commercial fleet, to acquire and retain business, to adequately maintain records and certificates and to effectively manage depreciating assets

  • Aircraft Valuations. IBA's due diligence provision includes research into fleets and other assets. Using our data intelligence platform InsightIQ, we secure conviction that aircraft value and cost assumptions, including leasing cost expectations, are valid and build a full picture of aircraft maintenance reserves, cash flow forecasts and aircraft return conditions.

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