Our expert insight is what consistently enables our clients, from investors to financiers and operators, to make fully informed investment decisions

Market Analysis and Intelligence

At IBA, we believe that better analysis drives better decisions which is why we combine our substantial data resources, decades of experience, analytical expertise and intelligence know-how to deliver authoritative results.

Dr Stuart Hatcher Chief Operating Officer Managing Director Aviation IBA Group
Market Analysis and Intelligence

Dr Stuart Hatcher

Stuart Hatcher

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We pride ourselves in our supporting of leading leasing companies, operators, manufacturers and investors in the maximisation of growth, the better understanding of the competitive environment and the best cost management. We expertly offer our clients the relevant data, intelligence, analysis and advice required to inform key decisions including the following:

  • Market entry strategies
  • Build or buy for growth
  • Which areas to diversify
  • The impact of regulatory or political change
  • The relative performance of competitors.


We consider research and analysis to be a core attribute to IBA. Which is why, in addition to the 30 years of proprietary data we possess, we have also developed an extensive network of contacts and recruited a variety of business intelligence professionals to augment our thorough research and analysis expertise.

In tandem with bespoke intelligence projects, we also provide strategic market analysis around the aviation sector, which includes the growth of the sector and the impact and likelihood of risks impacting that growth.

Typically we provide analysis around:

  • Commercial Air Transport Markets
  • Aircraft Demand & Supply
  • Trading trends and developments
  • Competitive landscape for lessors, operators and OEMS
  • Aircraft Types and Usage
  • Potential Risks & Impacts

IBA Wins The Aviation 100 Award -Appraiser of the year 2020

Recognised as Appraiser of the Year for 2020, IBA has been awarded the coveted Aviation 100 Award twice in the last three years. Judged by customers and peers across the market, The Aviation 100 awards distinguish the most outstanding performers in commercial aviation.

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