IBA is the custodian of some of the most comprehensive maintenance and cost data available

Cost Management

At IBA, we pride ourselves in our creation of an innovative one-stop shop for both practical and pragmatic assessments of all costs that are associated with the various aspects of the operation of airlines. Whether implemented as an outsourced resource, or as additional expertise around a key event, we can save clients up to millions of dollars and further drive successful negotiations with other stakeholders.

Dr Stuart Hatcher Chief Operating Officer Managing Director Aviation IBA Group
Cost Management

Dr Stuart Hatcher

Stuart Hatcher

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IBA is the custodian of some of the most comprehensive maintenance and cost data available in the industry to date. We benchmark costs and prices against our own dataset of equivalent aircraft and as a result, this often reveals significant differences between OEM projections versus the actual costs. We also measure the gap between an operator’s existing data and OEM figures as this allows us to be informed when advising whether the gap is reasonable, or whether there is additional work that can be done to improve efficiencies.

In the case of leased aircraft fleets, there are also gaps between contractual maintenance and the MPD that can be leveraged, or at least monitored and managed to ensure that return conditions are met.

Some of our most recent examples include the following:

  • The mapping of return conditions in order to avoid both penalty payments and unnecessary maintenance outlays
  • Warranty claim management in order to claw back over $2m USD over a 3 year period per widebody aircraft
  • Extension versus return analysis to ensure that a lease extension did not result in unscheduled maintenance costs

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