Leasing is fluid and complex. With decades of experience and a portfolio totalling over 100 aircraft and a value of US$3bn+under management, IBA is ideally placed to manage your aircraft or engines, provide independent insight alongside your current management programme, and deliver critical intelligence
around risk and maintenance.   No other provider of aircraft management services has IBA’s combination of independence, breadth of expertise and depth of data. IBA ensures the lease runs smoothly, risk is minimised and cost saving or efficiency opportunities are maximised. IBA adds value to every stage of the leasing cycle:

  1. Pre purchase: Selecting the correct operator, platform or aircraft is clearly a critical and integral step in the process of investing in aircraft. Uniquely at IBA, we combine appraisal expertise, with aviation management experience and technical advisory skills to advise on all areas of leasing. Alongside driving selection decisions, IBA has participated in investor roadshows as part of the fundraising team.
  2. Operating: While aviation operating leases continue to provide impressive returns compared to other asset classes, few other assets are as complex or critical to maintain as aircraft and their engines. Inadequate or inefficient maintenance not only has serious implications for safety but will also impact residual values and increase risk of delay around future transitions. We provide oversight and execution of the many processes and events required and a proactive effort to minimise costs.
  3. Monitoring: We combine the technical and regulatory aspects of lease management with the commercial and externally-focused analysis to provide a comprehensive overview of how the aircraft is being utilised and if the risk of grounding or default is increasing or decreasing. Slowing traffic, declining geopolitical stability and rising concerns over defaults and bankruptcies are three contributors to the increased need for monitoring services.  Early warning of airlines facing challenges can be the difference between engaging rapidly to discuss various options and being last in the queue to reposess.
  4. Transitions and Remarketing: IBA has extensive experience of redeliveries from both the lessor’s and lessee’s viewpoint, allowing a unique insight into the dynamics at play. As the aircraft leasing market begins to shows signs of a softening, IBA is able to assist with key questions, such as: Extend or return? Is the lessee focused and engaged? What to do if the aircraft is returning? Is my lessee about to default?

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